Sunday, April 12, 2009

CVS Deals

This represents about $50 worth of products. They were all on sale for $34 before ECBS and coupons. I ended up paying $7.83 for these. I actually had a problem with the Softsoap Body Wash on the far left. It was supposed to print an ECB for $4.99. It didn't nor did it ring up at the sale price of $4.99. The manager told me I had to buy two to get it; I did not argue with her but asked for my money back. When I went to my car to look at the receipt, she came out to my car and apologized. She admitted she was wrong and would I come back in to get my ECBS. She had to ring it up at the sale price AND she had to ring up the $4.99 ECB herself because the register would do neither. I am so blessed that she was working because not all the workers at my CVS are nice; the others would not have done that. So, in the end I earned about $12 in ECBS.