Monday, October 25, 2010

Cats on Tuesday

For more cat stories and pictures, head over to Gattina's.

I haven't posted the brothers together recently, so here are some pictures I took over the weekend of Humpty Dumpty and Thumper on my bed.  Humpty makes a good pillow, I suppose.

I love the one below here where Thumper's head is squished into Humpty's stomach.  So sweet!

See his little thumb sticking up in the above picture?

                                      Lovey lovin' on Matthew's shoes----He says they make a good headrest.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Cats on Tuesday

For more cat pics, go to Gattina's

Lovey shaving with Matthew.  In reality, Lovey has this water obsession, so he was waiting for water to be turned on.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Cats on Tuesday

For more cat pics, head over to Gattina's.

I think this says it all:  I was trying to take a nap Sunday afternoon and this happened:

From left:  Thumper and Lovey, Humpty Dumpty on my legs, and Miles and Snowflake at the top.  Minnie was nowhere to be seen. I think this is precious!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Cats on Tuesday

For more cat stories and pics, head over to Gattina's.

Every time I lie down on the couch , this is what happens.

Lovey looking into the bath water

Lovey is obsessed with water--even bath water.  I don't think he would mind if he fell in .


Total before coupons and B1G1F savings:  $74.97.  Total after:  $37.92.  Total savings:  $37.05

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Making Your Home a Haven

Dear Monica over at The Homespun Heart is hosting the Make Your Home a Haven this week.  Since I work such a crazy schedule, it is important for me to make my home a haven.  It is my most favorite place in the world to be when I'm not at work. 
 Here is my routine even though I work:

On Sunday night I look at my schedule for the week and see if how many after school meetings I have.  I plan our dinners around that.  Usually early in the week I will do leftovers or spaghetti--whatever is EASY.

Up between 4 and 4:45.  I prep my coffee pot the night before and get it going.   I feed the cats first and let the dogs out in the backyard.  I take my coffee back to bed for some meditation time with God.  I could not go to work and work where I do if I did not have that strong faith in Him.  He literally gets me through each day.

After about 20 minutes, I get up, get dressed and makeup on.  Then it's time to get my son up.  While he's in the shower, I vacuum.  This saves me time at night when I don't feel up to it.  Then, I let the dogs in and feed them.  Before I know it, it's time to let the dogs back out in the yard for the day and we're out the door by 6:10 am.

The entire time I'm driving I'm praying for wisdom and protection at work.  The Evil One abounds at every corner.

By the time we get home in the afternoon, it is between 4 and 5 pm.  I rest before either reheating dinner or whipping up something fast.   Before I know it, it's time for bed.

CVS Steals

Counting the $10 ECB I received for buying all this, I paid $6.20!