Sunday, August 8, 2010


I am a teacher in a high-maintenance job; i.e., stressful and demanding.  My son doesn't like to eat breakfast, and he won't eat at school.  I have to force him to eat something in the morning on the way to school.  My school is one mile or less from his, so I drop him off first.  One thing he likes are the breakfast burritos from Sonic Drive-In.  I decided I could save money and do better.

Here are some pictures of the process: 

Here is what I used, but you can make them however you like:

1.  Large burrito size tortillas
2.  Jimmy Dean sausage
3.  Sharp cheddar cheese
4.  Organic eggs and red peppers from my freezer for scrambled eggs

I scrambled eggs with red peppers from my freezer.

I cooked the sausage.

I put some eggs, sausage, and cheese in the center of the tortillas and rolled them up.  All done--I underestimated how many one pack of sausage would make, so I only have 8, but if son likes them, I will know to make more next time.

Ready for the freezer bags