Sunday, March 6, 2011

Publix Savings: 45%

Publix has some great B1G1F deals this week, and since I had coupons for Ritz, Orville, and Bocca, I just had to stock up!  Before coupons, the shelf cost was $71.49, but out of pocket I paid $40.32.  That's a lot of meat-replacement savings for just my son and myself.  Breakdown:

1.  2 boxes of Ritz
2.  3 packages of Bocca burgers
3.  3 packages of Bocca crumbles
4.  1 organic Publix pizza
5.  2 packages of crescent rolls for M's party later this week
6.  4 boxes of Orville R. popcorn
7.  1 box of Arm and Hammer cat litter
8.  1 carton of milk (which I FORGOT to use the coupon for!)