Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Chiseling Granite

God is working on me in these few days I have off for Thanksgiving.  There is much He is teaching me, but for now I will share one selfishness.  It is not that I don't like to do for others, but I like to hang on to "things" that are sentimental.  I have a special Scottish wool blanket my father brought from that country  when he was working there for the US government in the late 80s.  Because I have cats, I did not want them to ruin it with their hair; thus, it has been packed away in my cedar chest since.  ...... Hear me:  it has not been used.  So, the other day when I was visiting my shut-in as I do every Sunday, she asked if I had any blankets.  No, she was not begging.  I had told her I was de cluttering for Goodwill, so she simply asked if I had extras.  Immediately I thought of some throws we had left over from last winter's homeless drive.....then, God reminded me of that blanket.

Back and forth we wrestled.  Me:  "But, God, it is special.  My dad gave it to me."

God:  "So?  You don't use it.  Priscilla needs  it."

You get my drift.  On and on this went until this morning.  It now sits packed, ready to go with her feast this afternoon.

Do not get caught up with "things".  You can't  take them with you when you die.  They are mere hay and stubble.