Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year, Resolutions, and Legacies

Most people make resolutions at the onset of a new year------weight loss and getting finances in order seem to top the list.  I have spent much time thinking what I want in the new year.  I think I can sum it up by saying I want to be more pleasing to God, to rely more on Him, and to be more like Jesus. I have the traditional resolutions, but they seem to fall under this umbrella.

What does it take to please God?  I think He is pleased when I rely more on Him, seeking Him for guidance as well as in times of need.  That is what a relationship with Him is about:  reliance.  I really don't know how people make it through this life without Him.  It is hard.  Life stinks sometimes...actually, much of the time.  If I rely on Him, I can accomplish the resolutions I make.....be they weight loss or finances.  It may take a moment-by-moment reliance, but that's ok.  That is what He wants of His children.

To be more like Jesus-----That is a hard one.....and one I really need to work on.  We are commanded to pray for our enemies, and I have to admit, that is a hard one for me.  When we are in the midst of trials provoked by another, it is human nature to balk at this expectation. Likewise, we are commanded to pray for those in authority over us.  How many of us do that?  How many of us who don't like the current President, pray for him rather than curse him?  I have had to change the topic with my own family members when one of them brings up the President.  Such vitriol is not productive.  Period....

To be more like Jesus also involves giving to those in need.  He has taught me much in the last year about that......and He continues to teach me.  In giving to those in need, He has shown me to rely on Him to provide the resources.  There have been times when I have said, "But how am I going to do this, God?"  He has responded by telling me to let Him worry about that.....and He has always provided.    A friend recently posted, "Nobody has ever become poor by giving to others."  Think about that.

Many people say we have but one life, so we should make the most of it.....have as much fun as we can while we can.....get what "things" we can to enjoy life.

I agree.....that we do have but one life here on earth; but, what does it mean to "make the most of it"?  When we are gone, do we want to be remembered for all the "toys" we accumulated, all the trips we took, all the people we trampled on to "get to the top" of our profession......or, do we want to be remembered for all the good that we did for others, for the blessing we tried to be?

What will be your legacy?