Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Through the valley...

"yeah, so it turns out the greatest faith is found in the deepest valleys, climbing the highest mountains, through the blackest night. 
That'd be us -- right about now. 
Yeah, so it might look bad, hard, miserable, impossible --- 
but the thing is? 
Nobody gets gold medal faith, unless they've gone through some Olympic-hard trials. 
Nobody gets strong faith unless they've felt real weak. 
Nobody gets to stand tall unless they know what it feels like to think they can't stand at all. 
The time to hope --- is exactly when it looks hopeless. 
And no matter how things may look down and out? 
In the midst our setbacks -- 
God is setting things up for a *comeback of our joy!*"

                                       Ann Voskamp

I am beginning the hardest stage of my life right now, harder than cancer or anything else I have experienced.  I covet the prayers of those of you who do pray.  I can not share it at this point, but one day I will.  Thanks to Debby and Rick, who have been an incomparable encouragement.