Saturday, November 7, 2015

Total Reliance

I just left my Saturday visit to BiLO.  My third graders won the monthly competition, so I had to get ingredients for their chosen prize:  an Oreo cake, not cupcakes.  As I was getting what I needed from the baking section, I noticed a sale on chocolate sprinkles and peppermint sugar.  $2 a bottle---not a big deal, except they were "extras," not necessary.  I thought of Lucas, who had requested chocolate sprinkles.  The peppermint sugar would go well with my planned Christmas cupcakes.  I said a little prayer to God to make sure He provides for what I need if I make this little splurge.  He knows my paychecks will take a hit for the n ext year. On the way home, it hit me:  this is what He wants.  He doesn't want Sundays only+ He wAnts Monday through Saturday, too.  This is what a relationship with Him means.  He wants us talking  to him over chocolate sprinkles for a brown-haired little 9 year-old named Lucas, too.