Sunday, June 5, 2016

A Little Inconvenience or Spoiled Americans

We Americans want what we want, when we want it.  I came home from a night of dog-nannying about 5:15 this morning.  Yes, even on Sunday I am an earlier riser.  As soon as I walked in, I sensed the oppressive heat....even at that hour.  After I took care of the animals, I turned the light on.  The thermostat was blank....totally in nothing showing.  I immediately called the company that installed it 4 years ago and got the 24 hour message service.  Luckily, it's overcast and drizzling rain today, so it's not unbearable in here.  A little after 9am the scheduling lady called back.  By my description of the thermostat, she says it sounds like a clogged drain line, and the service tech should be here between 3-5pm.

Before she called, I had four hours to think.  I immediately thought of the devil this morning.  He is very real, and he truly is always on the prowl, seeking whom he may devour.  He always attacks me in my finances; every time I am on the precipice of a break-through, here he comes messing with me.  BUT, I know my God is bigger than he is, and I go on God's track record; He has *always* brought me through every trial in my life, and I've had some big ones, most notably cancer.

I then began to think how we Americans are so spoiled.  We want what we want, when we want it.  That is our instant gratification society, and I see it in young people all the time.

Then, God gently reminded me of my friend whom I cook for each week.  This is her home:

For the last two Saturdays, when I have driven up out front, the door has been open, hoping to catch a breeze.  She is always sitting just inside at the small round table.  They have window units, but to save on electricity, (I'm sure.) they seldom run them.  So, they hope for a breeze and swat the flies that make their way in.

I am so blessed in monetary ways---more so than the majority of the world or even more so than my friend who lives downtown.  This no AC is but a momentary inconvenience for me; it is not a way of life.  Neither is the internet outage or the electricity outage.....or the broken stove...or the....or the.....or the......

It makes me stop, think, and count my blessings.  Shame on me.  Shame on us.