Sunday, October 30, 2016

Divine Appointment

There are those who believe God is like a clock maker; He made the universe and sits back and lets it and its people spin.  Others believe He orchestrates every detail of their lives.  I fall in between.  God gave humans free will, but I know He intervenes at times when it suits Him.  This is how I know it was a divine appointment when I met Priscilla.

In February it will be four years since I started working with a homeless ministry at Washington Street Park.  I met Priscilla through that. (It ended three years ago when the others moved to California.)   Some friends and I were out on a Sunday afternoon with bag lunches, looking for people who needed food.  I will always remember I was driving, and my friend in the front seat spotted P's daughter on a bicycle.  We ended up following her home---to Priscilla.  That's how it all began.

In the nearly four years, there have been four birthday cakes.  The first two were Dwanye Wade cakes because she dearly loved him.  I say "loved" because she has wanted me to make the last two cakes.  

Priscilla has had two strokes.  The last one will have been in January of 2015.  At that time, I visited her in the hospital before she went to rehab in another town.  Seven or eight weeks later she was home.  I know God has her here for a reason, and I believe it is to pray for her children.  There is nothing wrong with her mind, and each time I go to see her, she wants me to pray for her children, so I pray for all of our children.  I could understand her before the second stroke, but now it's harder, so I don't ask many questions.  Some people just don't need words.

I spoke with her grand-daughter last month, and she said at times she will see Priscilla's lips moving and she knows she is praying.  His spirit meets with her spirit, and God knows what her heart is.  It matters not that she can't enunciate her prayers.  She raised this grand-daughter.  According to Trina, Priscilla's husband wanted to get rid of her (the baby).  Priscilla put her foot down and said no.  They would raise the baby.  Trina is now a nurse who lives down the street and checks on her daily.  

I will be 54 in December, but my life has been so enriched by knowing Priscilla.  I realized this morning I was not really living until I was involved with the Washington Park ministry and met her.  Once I am retired, I hope to be able to take more time with her.  Now, I am so tired after working all week and doing for my parents on Sundays.  Some weekends I just leave her meal on her porch because I'm too tired or just want to avoid people.  

Priscilla was my divine appointment.  I'm glad I followed God's calling.