Thursday, December 22, 2016

Just Another Day

Today is my birthday, just another day.  It wasn't always "just another day."  In fact, in all previous years, my parents always made it special.  Even though I was born a few days before Christmas, and the doctor told them to take me home on Christmas Eve and put me under the tree, it was always special.  I always had a separate cake and gifts; my birthday never got lost in the busyness of Christmas.  Even up until a few years ago, my parents got me a cake.  Now, they didn't this year; however, they did take me out to eat Sunday.

Today, I had to work for the first time ever.  Today promised to be "just another day," or so the devil would have it.  However, God brought a few people to brighten it.

My parents called right after 5am and sang to me.  Around 10am, my bff showed up at my door at work.  She came with a pumpkin spiced latte in hand and a bag of pumpkin spice creamers, a cupcake recipe book, and a "Calgon, take me away" kit.  I cried when I read her card.  I cried a lot today.

Later, the sister of a former friend sent me a recorded "Happy Birthday" via Facebook.  I don't even know how she did it.  I should note I have never even met her.  Then, there were the Facebook messages from many people:  current and former colleagues, former students from a few years ago as well as from decades ago.  Tomorrow night boss #2 wants to take me to dinner at Breakwater, a local restaurant that's too ritzy for my taste and pocketbook, but the gesture is nice.  For now, I'm going to let Calgon take me away, and then I will settle in with the furry loves of my life.

P.S.  A young buck of 40 at work said there was no way I looked 54.  THAT was nice!