Sunday, July 20, 2014

Following Jesus?

What does it mean to follow Jesus?  To me, it means listening to the voice of the Holy Spirit, doing what He guides/tells/instructs me to do.....even when it may hurt or seem impossible.  If He wants me to do something, He will provide a way. 

Sometimes it is easy; other times it is hard---a leap of faith.  For over two years I have been cooking for a shut-in in the poorer section of my city.  At first, there were two of us combining our resources to accomplish this, even ordering her a Dwyane Wade birthday cake two years running.  Then, one of us moved across country, and I found myself alone with this task.  It was financially difficult at times, but God always provided......sometimes by a paying cake order from school; sometimes from added tutoring; sometimes from another night of petsitting.  That is where the faith comes in.  There were weeks when I told Him, "You know I can not afford this, so You have to make it happen."-----and He always did.   Along the way, I added a homemade dessert to the menu---and He provided.  Recently, she accepted my offer for me to make her birthday cake this year.  Her son told me today that once they tasted mine, no one wanted the store-bought they had.  Then he requested that cake.  I am the one who offered it the first Sunday of each month.  I am taking a faith walk that God will provide the resources.  I know He will because He always does.

I have recently come to realize (I am a slow learner about some things.) that this baking-mania He has put on my heart is a ministry.  I bake from scratch for my school kids and sometimes for the staff.  I no longer question that voice when I "hear it".  I just obey.

That, folks, is what it means to follow Jesus.