Sunday, January 3, 2016

Total Reliance, Take 2

I was in an accident yesterday.  I have had an uneasy feeling for the last week that the devil was going to try something to derail my plans for this new year--financial plans.  Yesterday, he attempted just that.

I was leaving Walterboro after spending a few hours helping my dad with Mother.  I was still in the city limits in a 35 mile per hour intersection.  I had the right of way.  As I approached the intersection, a silver Chrysler Town and Country began to turn in front of me.  As I slammed on the brakes and horn simultaneously, he PROCEEDED to hit my driver side front end.  (I believe he was messing on his, though it is mere speculation.)  As I told his parents later, "How could he NOT have seen me????!!).  While I was on with 911, two of Walterboro's finest showed up; they had been on the side street, and since no one asked me what happened, I assume they saw it all.  After about an hour, the wrecker came and towed both vehicles to the wrecker yard.  The operator was able to pull my bumper out and tie it out so I could drive the car home.  The parents of the man who hit me came, and the father apologized for my discomfort.  He said, "If we had known he had a suspended license, we never would have let him use our car.  There had been a roadblock, and he was probably trying to avoid that."  Wow!

I have to flip this and look at it as the glass half-full.  I mean, in the blip of my life, this is a micro-blip.  Nevertheless, it is a difficult annoyance that I have to deal with.  For one, although I have a very nice boss, my profession itself does not lend itself to allowing employees to have personal lives that need attention outside of work.  In plan talk:  it will be very difficult to deal with all of this insurance-wise while having to return to work tomorrow.  I don't care if people snicker that I say the devil is messing with me; I know he is real and messes with God's people.  This couldn't have happened two weeks ago while I was off from work?  No.

Another annoyance is that I have very few people here in town I can count on.  I do have a ride home from work tomorrow, but I have to figure out getting *to* work from the collision center, about a mile away from work.

Today I was messaging with my splendid former student-turned-prayer warrior/friend in NC.  He reminded me that God already has all of this worked out.  And, I know he is correct.  Then, as I was driving home from my parents' house today in the truck, a few verses crossed my mind.  Proverbs 18:24. . . there is a friend that sticketh closer than a brother

Philippians 4:19: "And my God will supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus."

So, as my dear former student-turned-prayer warrior/friend in NC says, " you can let God take over and watch Him work again.  We need to see his power on a regular basis.....Your God has this!"