Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Giving Out of Need

I firmly believe that you can't out-give God.  As a single parent who provided the *sole* support for my son for 13 years, I had some hard times.  When the AC unit needed to be replaced, I was the one who had to take out a loan to pay for it.  When the septic tank had to be pumped, that was my responsibility.  When toilets and sinks needed to be fixed, the bills came to me.  The list goes on.....

As a result (of these and divorce bills), I accrued a lot of debt.  What God has been doing in the last year is nothing short of amazing.  He has provided the means for me to pay off two of those debts--the latest one today!  The others are slated to be paid off in the new year.

He enabled me to double up or triple up on payments in the last six months.  I was looking at my tracking sheets today and am amazed at how He has provided for this!  All the while, He provided the means for me to continue to do for others less fortunate.

A few years ago I made the comment, "I give out of my own need."  There definitely have been many times over the years when I really couldn't afford to give or tithe, but I did it, sometimes by rearranging bills.  I knew that God would honor my giving and that He would provide....both for me and whomever He called me to bless.   He always has, sometimes in the most surprising ways.

You can not out-give God