Monday, February 15, 2016


Retirement--------------Because of choices I made when I separated in 1998, I never thought I would live to experience this.  Then, last summer God slapped me up side my head and showed me it would happen through His provision to fix my mistake of all those years ago.

This is my 28th year teaching; next year will be my last.  Last week a colleague asked what I will do; I told her, "whatever I want to do."  My bff, who retired last year, told me it will probably take me a year to get acclimated to being free to plan my days.

I know I will seek God to show me what to do.  I know he has been preparing me for the next phase of my life.  Will it include building a Habitat house?  Maybe.  Though I can't hammer a nail straight, I know he has a sense of humor, so that "could" be part of my rebirth.

I know I do not desire to travel the world.  There are a few places I would like to see, and if it happens fine; if not, that's fine, too.  I've been on one cruise, and that was enough.  I was sick as a dog one day and night.  I've seen Barbados, St. Maarten, Grenada, St. Thomas, and Martinque.   To me, after awhile, all islands look the same.

So, I'll take time to savor my rebirth, revisit some long lost hobbies, and wait for God to put opportunities before me.