Sunday, February 14, 2016

Why I'm Voting for Bernie

I have had people ask me why I'm voting for Bernie Sanders for President.  If you have kept up with this blog lately, you know I was reared a republican.  Here is why I have turned my back on the republicans and am voting for Bernie.

1.  I am disgusted with the republicans running.  I believe that all politicians, by definition, are cheaters and  liars to one degree or another.  This bunch seems to be full of them.  Each is so desperate to win, they disparage the others rather than sticking to important issues facing this country

2 The only litmus test for the evangelicals is the abortion issue.  Let me make this clear:  Reagan, George Bush, and George W. Bush----all republicans----did not overturn Roe vs. Wade.  It is not going away....period....Plus, while I myself would never have an abortion, who am I to tell another woman she can't?  That's not *my* business; it's between her and GodSo, if a candidate claims to be a born-again Christian and against abortion, he is the only one fit to run this country?  That's a bit short-sighted, in my opinion.
3.  What plan does any republican have for getting our economy back on track? 

4.  We need universal health care as other countries have it.  Republicans are against it.  In my view, that is a BASIC HUMAN right.  Bernie is for this.  He is not for throwing out Obamacare as HRC suggests to sway voters her way.  He wants to change it so everyone gets healthcare with no deductibles. 

5.  Bernie is not much different than FDR, and most historians would equate him as one of the BEST, if not THE best President, we ever had.  It was under FDR's New Deal that minimum wage was created as well as Social Security. He is the President who created jobs to bring us out of the Depression.  Who NOW wants to throw out Social Security?  Like FDR,  Bernie has a plan for creating new jobs to help replace the jobs people lost in the recession.  There are people who lost jobs and homes in the recession who have yet to recover.  

6.  I see Bernie's proposal for free college for all an extension of Social Security in this respect:  If the elderly have a safety net, why shouldn't young people have a step up in getting started in life so they are not saddled with astronomical debt for the rest of their lives?  If they can get a college education, they can become productive members of society for years until they, too, can draw social security.

7.  Bernie wants the wealthiest of the wealthy to pay their share of taxes.  Many of them pay nothing or next to nothing because of tax loopholes that allow them to skate free.

This is just a quick snapshot of why I am voting for a Democrat for the first time in my life.  I feel good about it and at peace.  I don't have tunnel vision, but rather a vision for a better America for ALL.