Saturday, August 13, 2016

I'm Silver!

This week at work we took a personality survey to determine which "color" we are.  I am overwhelmingly silver.  This describes me to a "T"!!

1.  My strength is DUTY.
2.  Steadfastness and loyalty are my trademarks.
3.  To disregard responsibility of any kind never occurs to me.
4.  The keys to my personal success are as follows:

          a.  Generosity
          b.  The work ethic
          c.  A sense of History
          d.  Steadfastness
          e.  A value of order
          f.  Predictability
          g.  Home and family
5.  My motto is "Be Prepared."  Silvers enjoy the security that being prepared brings.
6.  I have an instinct for keeping the rules.
7.  I have a strong awareness of right and wrong, with respect to shoulds and should nots.
8.  I value dependability, service, and dedication.
9.  I respect loyalty and obligation.

Silvers DISLIKE disobedience and insubordination.

Silvers may see themselves as stable, dependable, efficient, realistic, orderly, and punctual.

Others may see silvers as rigid, boring, judgmental, bossy, uptight, predictable.

I have to say, every one of these describes me!

This is why 1)I get to work at least an hour ahead.  I don't know that I can break that habit.  2)People who don't do what they are supposed to/break the rules DRIVE ME INSANE