Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Prayer for This, My Last Year

As I prepare this week to pull out my students next week, two little faces come to mind.

One, a little blonde girl starting the FOURTH grade who is already reading at a HIGH SCHOOL level, was not supposed to be here this year.  She was going to a church school.  Even so, I had a feeling she would be back.  No offense to church schools, but they normally can not challenge such a child.  Many of the teachers are not even least in my area of the state. 

When I see her in the hallway each day, she *always* begs me to take them now as she reaches her open arms towards me.  

Then, there is a third grader, D.  He is all of what?  7?  8?  He is the boy who came to school sleepy last year because he and his mother were at the laundromat until about 11pm.  That happened at least once, probably more than that.  He saw me in the hallway today as he was getting water, and he had to hug me as he grinned broadly.  He can't wait for next Monday.  See, he was surprised he was "invited" to be in my class.  Now, he feels special.  (The cupcakes' reputation doesn't hurt, either.)

As I prepared my learning centers this week, I could hear the giggling of I and her other classmates as they diligently worked last year.  Third graders giggle a lot.   May there be lots of giggling this year.

My prayer for all of my kids is that I stretch their minds and nourish their souls.  Thank you, God, for the BLESSING of being able to impact their little lives.