Wednesday, April 19, 2017

God *is* in the details

Some people would say that what I'm about to write about is nothing more than "luck."  I don't subscribe to that; I give credit where credit is due:  GOD.

HERE      I wrote about the saga of the $1788 job to repair a coil on my AC unit.  Now, for the update:

I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, as a friend recommended.  It took a week because the owner was out of the country, but I did hear from him.  He sent a second repairman, one of his best, for a second opinion.  Low and behold---The first guy was WRONG, so he had them order the wrong part!  For the five year-old unit, the compressor had blown for the second time.  This time they theorize it was due to my fins being bent after my brother pressure washed my house two years ago.  (Lesson learned:  Do it MYSELF, and I shall!).  So, because I've been so "patient," the owner is knocking the normal $1400 one man job to $900.  Whether $1400 is actually what it normally costs, I don't know and don't care.  The bottom line is I am getting it for half the original quote, AND I don't have to dip into savings to do it!  

While I was on the phone, the owner asked me if I would notify the BBB that the situation was resolved.  Not so fast...I was nice, but I told him I would not until the issue is truly resolved.  I will, however, let them know that pending the completion of the job, I am satisfied it is progressing in that direction.  

So, thank you Beverly, for suggesting I contact the BBB.   As I did so, I knew God would take care of things, and He did!