Friday, May 26, 2017

God Rights Wrongs

I have been blessed beyond measure with a retirement party and then today, more gifts.  It'  It IS about how they make me feel.

For most of my career, I have been abused and unappreciated, as most teachers are.  My goal is to blog about my experiences over the next year---and get it out of my system so I can truly close this chapter of my life.

I told one of the "girls" (Heck, anyone younger than I is a girl, but the two teachers who organized my party are in their 20s.) that I would expect 3-4 people.  I was blown away to see it was standing room only with 30 desks taken as well as 4 or 5 chairs, too.  Granted, some people came for the food, but many gave food and monetary donations towards the gift cards.  I was in awe.  

But......I am reminded that God rights wrongs.  He takes injustices and eventually turns them around, if one has faith.  I wholeheartedly believe that.

Today, I received more gifts.  This gift card came from a classified lady, meaning she is a support staff person who doesn't make that much.  I feel this was a sacrifice.  She said she will always remember me for my perseverance and toughness.  Yes, one does not survive 21 years in middle school at 4 feet 11 if she is a wimp.  I have already been to the Hilton Head website and see a facial in my future.  ON.THE.DAY.I.CHOOSE.WHENEVER.I.CHOOSE

This bag below was from a lady who had already contributed to my party.  If you can see the mug behind the Russell Stover candy (all gone!  My philosophy is to eat it in one day; then, I can start fresh with my eating tomorrow!), it says on the inside rim, "I can do all things through Christ."  That is my mantra and has been throughout my career.  She also included an adult scripture coloring book, which I will be doing!  Of course, she added some cat treats for me, too, such as a much-needed spoon rest.

Then, I was gifted with this bag of coffee from a local, on-island cafe.  It's pecan flavored.  I can't wait to try it alone and again, mixed with my Starbucks Verona for a chocolate-pecan flavor.  It will be nice to drink coffee whenever I want and pee when I want!  Sorry, but that is NOT a given for teachers, folks!

Finally, my second boss and her husband/pet children gave me this:

It resembles my Snowflake, except she has a blue eye and a green one.

So, I give God all the glory in making this retirement something I will never forget.  He began to turn things around three years ago.  What he has shown me through this is two things:

1.  More people liked me than I thought.
2.  He is faithful.  I am going out with a feeling of being appreciated for the first time in my life.