Saturday, May 27, 2017

Retirement Benefit #1: Rid of nasty, jealous people

We have no control over with whom we work unless we change jobs.  As I was cooking Priscilla's meal this morning, the first benefit of retirement hit me:  choosing with whom I spend time.  No longer do I have to tolerate nasty, jealous, selfish people.

In the last two years, I have come to the conclusion that some people are just naturally nasty, jealous, MISERABLE people........and if we looked at their lives, we would see they have been that way either their entire lives, or pretty darn close.  There are two women at work who, in their "infinite wisdom,"  decided nearly two years ago that I was not "pulling my weight" in the work department.  As though they, with their cushy positions, had any room to talk--or as though they even "knew" what I did.  Anyway, one has her nose so far up the other's butt that she can't see straight.  The other one dictates what this one's relationships will be.  It's really comical in a way, but then again, it is pitiful.  Yes, I pity them because both are clearly miserable people walking around with a perpetual scowl.

The funny thing is:  my being gone next year will not heal their bitterness and anger, for that is the core of whom they are.

However, benefit #1 of retirement is choosing whom I will let breathe my air.