Monday, December 22, 2008

It's My Birthday

Today is my birthday~~the 46th to be exact. Last week my mother asked if I wanted a birthday cake; I said, "of course!" We will be driving over to see my parents about an hour away. I will also have my first haircut in about 18 months~~since before I knew I had cancer. I lost a lot of it during chemo. Although chemo ended last January 23 (Yes, I will never forget that day), my hair didn't start growing back in earnest until this past October. I have never changed stylists even though I moved. I used to get it cut, highlighted, and styled with a blow-dry for $60. I'm told that is unheard of around here. The most important thing of the day, though, is sharing the plan of salvation with my parents. It has burdened my mind for so long because I feel so inadequate. My father will be easier than my mother, I think. He has been a part of a bible study for many years. My mother is very proud and thinks she is so "good". Those of you who are believers, please pray for us this day.