Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Almost Free

I had my surgery four weeks ago Thursday and came home from the hospital 8 days later with a wound vac, which means my left side incision is healing from the inside out. I have a computerized contraption with a loooonnnnggg tube that pumps drainage out. I have almost none, and my incision is healing so rapidly that the nurse told me yesterday she thinks the doctor will take that off tomorrow. What will come next until it's healed? Maybe seaweed! Yes, seaweed! All I know is that once that thing is off, I will feel back to my old self.....free. Free to be more active. Free to go back to Curves to get this weight off. I'm already eating better---fresh veggies from the farmer's market and whole wheat bread and couscous. I even gave away half a box (half a pound) of Harry and David truffles a friend had sent me. Now, for me to give chocolate away, I MUST be serious.