Friday, July 11, 2008

Learning to Take One Day at a Time

Today I decided to take the plunge and try my hand at my own blog. I find such inspiration from reading the blogs of a few women from church. I am a divorced mother of one 14 year-old son. I am a one year cancer survivor as of today. Last May I started having the symptoms of colon cancer and went to my doctor after two weeks. He put me in the hospital Memorial Day weekend because my hemoglobin was so low (8.5). A cat-scan showed diverticulitus. I went ahead and taught summer school in June but still didn't feel well. The surgeon said I needed a colonoscopy. I had that done July 5 and on the 6th I went to see the surgeon. He told me I had colon cancer. I was 44 years-old. I remember staring at his ceiling in disbelief as he droned on about surgery. He sent me right to the hospital for pre-op tests. I would have surgery on July 11. I immediately called my dad and told him; then I called a co-worker whose father had just died of colon cancer that had spread all over his body. She rushed over and went with me to the hospital for what would be 4 hours of tests.