Saturday, October 11, 2008


I thought I'd create a post about Buddy, our beloved dog, since he is in several pictures with Matthew. I should start by saying categorically that I am a cat person. (I'll write a post about that later.) However, Matthew wanted a dog. Being that all my animals have always had to stay close to me, I would not get one until we fenced the backyard.

Four Junes ago I had a privacy fence installed. I jokingly tell Buddy he was my $2500 dog. We then bought a doghouse for him, which he has NEVER darkened! Finally, we went to the local animal shelter and adopted him. The man there tried to talk us into adopting a large, bouncy, barky lab--Buddy's "roommate". Buddy, the ever-smart dog, sat obediently while "barky lab" bounced and barked. Of course, we wound up with Buddy instead. He has been such a joy to have. He is the best guard dog there is. I have trained him to even pull aside the curtain by the front door to look out. No one can walk on our street, much less walk a dog, without him going crazy.

Some other tidbits about Buddy: He loves Doritos and my cats.