Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I am usually an economically conservative person. I try to save money where I can. For example, I have not bought outer clothes in over four years. I have a friend who used to be a teacher/assistant principal/State Dept. of Education Curriculum Specialist who now flies all over the country as an education consultant for a private firm. She has slowly given me a ton of clothes over the last four years. Therefore, I see no need in buying new ones. Hers were excellent quality (some still on the hangers with tags). However, there was an area I was splurging in and it was getting ridiculous: lattes. At the height of my "addiction" I was spending about $20.00 a month (or more) on them. Luckily, my favorite coffeehouse closed down. Unfortunately, a year ago a chain coffee shop opened and it is a drive-through, so that meant I was in trouble on the way to work. To economize, I went to my own espresso machine. I buy the sugar-free syrups, espresso, and whipped cream. I'm saving a ton of money. I usually have one in the morning on the way to work and another in the evening.