Tuesday, November 11, 2008


God indeed works in mysterious ways. Today I was off for Veterans' Day. We decided to go to a nearby town to Target and other stores. Upon returning home about 1:30, we found a strange pickup truck in our driveway. Our dog was going nuts in the LOCKED backyard 6 foot privacy fence. I went in through the house to the backyard to find a young punk trying to get into my house through one of the back doors. He gave me a cocamammy story about why he was there. I asked him if he were on drugs or something. I sent my son for my cell phone and called 911. As he scaled back over the fence, I went through the house and was able to chase him down the driveway as he screeched off. I gave the dispatcher his license plate number. When the deputy arrived, he told me this guy's M-0. Yes, they'd been looking for him. Two hours later the deputy called me back and asked me to come to a nearby neighborhood to ID him. He'd hit 3 houses today and they found pawn receipts in his truck dating back a few years.

IF I had not been home today, AND IF we had not gone out of town, AND IF we had not returned when we did, this punk would still be robbing. GOD orchestrated this and used us to get this guy off the street. IMHO.