Sunday, November 2, 2008


I remember the first time I voted for President. Ronald Reagan was running in 1980. Reagan was to me like John Kennedy was to another generation. I have never not voted since then. I will be out Tuesday at my polling place before it opens to secure my place in line. It is a critical time for our country, and I am concerned about the masses who seem to be flocking to Barack Obama simply because he is a "feel good" speaker. Yes, I said "speaker". He has a gift for oratory, no doubt about it. But, many things concern me about him:
  • His lack of experience
  • His associations with hatemongers
  • His stand on abortion
  • His plan to grow our big government even bigger and spread the wealth around to those who don't want to work. (A student last week wrote he liked Obama because he was going to give people Medicaid.)

Our country needs prayer.