Sunday, November 2, 2008

Prayer Plant

This prayer plant started out in a small plastic pot in July of 2007. When I was in the hospital for my cancer surgery, some colleagues at work got it for me. It was small enough to rest on the hospital room table. About a year ago, I had to transplant it into a slightly bigger pot. When the weather turned colder last November, it moved into the garage for the winter. (Since I have pets in the house, I have no house plants near them.) Recently a co-worker gave me two really big fake terra cotta planters. The other day I transplanted this plant yet again. It has tripled in size since I got it. Soon, it will be time for it to go to the garage for yet another winter. This plant remains a symbol to me of God's faithfulness in the wake of my cancer. It has continued to thrive as I have.