Sunday, January 30, 2011

Eating From the Freezer/Pantry---End of Month Totals

As the Eat from the Pantry Challenge winds down, here is how I did at the stores.  My goal was not to stop shopping entirely but to use up a lot of what I had and only buy produce, the occasional meat, and stock up on good sales coupled with coupons.

Total Shelf Cost: $348.39                                         

Monthly Budget: $200.00

Total Coupon Savings: $87.12                                Variance: $9.31

Total Discounts: $78.24

Total Savings: $165.36

Amount Paid (after rebates): $190.69 

Savings Rate: 47.46%                         Amount Paid (exc. Rebates) $190.69

So, I am in UNDER budget; for that I am REALLY excited!