Sunday, June 24, 2012

Fasting Part IV

I have written before about fasting to get spiritual breakthroughs.  You can go here,here,
and here for the first three parts.  I pick up the story after Matthew has graduated
from high school.

One week after Matthew graduated from high school, I felt led to fast again for him to find a job. At this point in his life he doesn't want to go to college.  That's fine.  He
needs to decide what he wants to do.

So, I felt on the Saturday after he graduated that I needed to pray for him to find a job.  I began the Daniel fast at noon that Saturday.  On the Daniel fast I could have fruit, 
vegetables, and whole grains like brown rice or quinoa.  I also prayed.  That Tuesday,
four days later, he went with two friends to apply for work at a new Cracker Barrel
that is opening about 25 miles from us.  

I was in the middle of painting a room when he called me.  He got hired on 
the spot for a busboy/dishwasher position.  I told him it was God who placed 
that job in his lap.  There is no doubt in my mind.  His friends did not get hired.