Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Testimony to God's Faithfulness Through Prayer and Fasting, Part 2

Yesterday I started a series of how prayer and fasting have changed my life  (go here)...totally revolutionized my christian life.    When I left off,  Matthew had a 62  in Algebra 3 at the end of the third quarter.  I was shocked because the teacher had not informed me, as school board policy dictates.  When I 
questioned the 62, they changed it to a 70, supposedly due to participation.

I thought fourth quarter would be a breeze.  Matthew has always struggled with math as I have;
our minds are not wired for numbers.  He got angry and slept in class.  I plied him with energy
drinks, but he still slept---out of disrespect.

Through all this, I prayed and got messages from God.

On January 9, He sent me this message from Dr. Tony Evans:  "God is faithful; He's got it.
Trust Him."

A verse that came to mind several times over the last few months was Hebrews 13:18:  "God is the same 
yesterday, today, and forever."  God reminded me that He had the English grade changed, the
third quarter Algebra 3 grade changed, and He would take care of the final grade.

I was pondering what to do about Algebra 3 when I was putting on my makeup one morning.
All of a sudden in my head I heard, "Do you trust me?"  It was almost a whisper.  I knew it
was Jesus.  It threw me for a loop.  At this time I downloaded a free book on my kindle: Women
Who Trust God.    Trust was the key word.  In the next installment I will tell you how I purposed to 
trust God....really trust Him.

(to be continued)