Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Testimony to God's Faithfulness Through Prayer and Fasting

I became interested in fasting last summer.  I believe God was leading me to it.  Each time he led me to fast for something since then, it came to pass.  Most of those times involve a friend with personal issues I can not divulge.  Therefore, I will share my testimony about fasting for my son, a high school senior.

In January things looked bleak for Matthew passing English.  He had failed both first and second quarters.  He hated his teacher, and when that happens, he shuts down, not realizing it won't hurt the teacher.  Then a miracle happened; he was allowed to make up work and that brought him to a 70, passing.  I pushed him the entire second semester, and he passed for the year with a C.  But, I jump ahead of the story.  That was just the beginning.

The real problem proved to be Algebra 3.  At the end of the first semester he had a 77.  His teacher resigned, and a replacement was brought in whom I knew.  He proved to be less than desirable and Matthew hated him, too.  At the end of the third quarter, he had a 62.  There was one quarter to go, and it looked dismal.  But....God was at work.  

(to be continued)