Thursday, December 10, 2015

Miracles DO Happen

When my mother came home from ICU March 1, she had congestive heart failure, and the nurse told me how long she had was anyone's guess.  Hospice took over.  Now, a few days before Christmas she is slated to be removed from hospice and transitioned to home health care.  Both provide monitoring by Medicare, but my parents will have to provide her personal hygiene products, which they can do.  Next week Dad and my brother will get her in the car to go to her family doctor, Dr. Haynes, for him to sign off on this.  It will be her first time out of the house since Februaury.

ANOTHER MIRACLE is that my sister in law has a thyroid issue, not Alzheimer's.  Because of insurance issues, several years ago a doctor did not thoroughly test her and labelled her as having had a stroke.  That led to a host of other issues with doctors, but a neurologist here in Beaufort finally did an MRI, and there is nothing wrong with her brain!

Two Christmas miracles .  I await a third.