Friday, March 18, 2016

Just Call Me Cindy Lou Who

If you are unfamiliar with Jim Carey's "The Grinch," let me explain.  The Grinch was a green "whatever he was" who hated Christmas and Looked down with disdain on Whoville and its residents who rejoiced in Christmas.  Everyone in Whoville feared him---everyone except Cindy Lou Who.  She decided to invite him to the Whoville Celebration, much to everyone's horror.  The outcome?  She "loved" the Grinch's heart into growing.  Through her kindness and love, his heart could not stop itself from growing.

Now, you wonder why I relate this children's Dr. Seuss classic.  It's very simple:  God speaks to us where we are.  He knows what will get our attention.  And He knows I love that movie.  One night about a month ago, I was praying in the bath as I often do, over my divinely ordained project, a particularly challenging person.  I cried out to God, imploring Him to tell me how to respond to this person's nastiness.  I wanted to give the person a lecture on being mean.  God, in a clear voice, replied, "Just love him."  Then, He placed the image of Cindy Lou Who in my head.  He knew I would understand and connect the dots.  I am to love this person into changing.  You know what?  After about a month, I have seen a dramatic change in this Grinch in two areas.  I am his Cindy Lou Who.