Friday, March 25, 2016

Slapping Jesus in the Face

The Green River Killer
BTK Killer
DC Beltway Snipers
Ted Bundy
Ted Kaczynski
Timothy McVeigh
Terry Nichols
David Berkowitz
Kenneth Bianchi and Angel Bruno "The Hillside Stranglers"
Jeffrey Dahmer
John Wayne Gacy
Boston Strangler
Wayne Williams

The escalating Islamophobia  in this country is alarming and disgusting.  What makes it even more insidious is that it is promulgated by key presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, one of whom claims to be a born-again Christian.  Not only does this defy the Jesus I know and try to follow, but it defies all logic and is pandering to ignorant mass hysteria.

The above list is comprised of some of the most prominent serial killers of my lifetime.  Not one is Muslim.  In fact, they are predominately white males, and they cross every spectrum of society:  a brilliant, suave law student; church leader; mathematics professor; a Bronze Star medal recipient from the Gulf War.

Hysteria-fueled hate must be stopped.  Jesus came in peace to promote peace, not discrimination and hatred.  That is what I see when I look at the republican party today:  a party of hatred and discrimination.

Years ago there was a wrist band with these initials:  WWJD.  I ask, "How does Jesus feel looking down on this republican party today?  If he stepped down today, do you think he would back Trump or Cruz?  If so, on what grounds?  How do either one of these candidates mirror Him?

It may be presumptuous of me, but I believe He would say, "Do not speak in my name.  I don't know you."