Sunday, November 20, 2016

Why Clemson?

Why do I love Clemson?  It's partially because of this man:

The day after Dad married Mother in 1949, they boarded a bus for Clemson, where he was going to study.  In those days, it was an all-male agricultural college.  He thought he could support them by doing odd jobs around town while going to college.  It didn't work out that way.  He was able to go a semester, but then had to quit to get a real job to support them.  I tease them sometimes and say he would have a Clemson degree if it weren't for marrying her.

Anyway, he maintains the stamina to stay up into the wee hours of Sunday mornings to finish watching late games.  I, on the other hand, barely made it to the end of last night's game at just past 10pm.  So, I love Clemson because of 1) Dad, 2)I love purple, 3)TIGERS! for this cat lover, 4)Clemson fans are classy, and 5)I love that area of the state.