Monday, July 19, 2010

Cats on Tuesday

Cats on Tuesday are cat lovers who write about their furry babies on Tuesdays.  For more, go to Gattina's.

My dear sweet Lovey has this obsession, and I do mean obsession, with all things water.  Here are a few shots of his obsession in action:

I can not even take a bath in peace:

I do believe he has some gymnastic talents, maybe the balance beam?
Someone challenged me awhile back to get all of them in one picture.  Well, Miles is my 13 year-old anti-social teenager, so here he is on his pink bed (I did not buy it; it came with Humpty and Thumper.)

But, here are the others in a "kitty crack party" picture:  Notice how the catnip plant has grown (I keep it outside.))

Notice gray Lovey on the black guitar case next to Humpty.

Above, Humpty had too much kitty crack; he is literally head-over-heels for it!