Friday, December 31, 2010

WAGS Dirt-Cheap

I don't like paying full price on anything, but *especially* on cleaning products and toiletries.  My son has to use Head and Shoulders shampoo; it is usually very expensive.  Here is the deal I snagged at Walgreens todsay:

Buy 2 for $7.  I had a $2 coupon and $2.14 on a gift card (from a register reward deal gone bad earlier in the week; the manager insisted on putting the RR on a gift card when it wouldn't print).  That brought the 2 Head and Shoulders down to $2.86 plus tax.  I paid $3.36 (tax on the $7).  Then, it printed out the $2 RR, so I got 2 Head and Shoulders for $1.36, or .68 each!