Monday, August 17, 2009

Cats on Tuesday

That dang Minnie------Mother should have left her at the shelter. She tortures me! I hid under here in Mom's closet to get away.
Oh, no! I hear that darned bell of hers jingling. That means she's coming.

Uh, Miles is such a wimp! He makes it so easy for sissy and me to torture him! He thinks I won't notice him cowering under that chest.

Most of the time, Minnie and Miles get along fine. There are occasions, however, when the Alpha cat in her comes out. *Notice the "deliberate" look in her eye. Back in February when I went to the shelter to adopt her and Snowflake, the cat-lady there warned me that researchers believe there are Alpha cats just like Alpha dogs and that Minnie was one. How correct she was; Minnie runs the house!

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