Monday, October 19, 2009

Cats on Tuesday

Cats on Tuesday is a bunch of cat lovers who blog about their adorable feline kids once a week. Go to for more cat tales.

I wish you could see the red laser light. That's what Minnie is fascinated with. When I got her from the shelter, they told me she loved the laser light. In this picture Miles hasn't seen it yet.

Here Snowflake contemplates Miles "in jail." In reality, it is my son's old baby gate that I put up to keep Dog out of my room, the cats' room where their food is. Otherwise, they would never have anything to eat! Just so you know, they don't jump over it; they go in between the gate and the door facing. Miles occasionally has trouble because he is ...well..."thick" as the vet said.

One of Lovey's favorite spots is inside Matthew's bathroom door.

Again, I wish you could see the laser light. This is what Lovey is grabbing for and what the gang is watching.

My Princess Snowflake has shown no interest in the laser light. It means she would have to perhaps get dirty. Here she is in one of her favorite spots----a basket above the kitchen cabinets over the sink.

I hope you enjoyed my babies' pictures. They were especially active this past week.