Monday, October 26, 2009

Cats on Tuesday

Cats on Tuesday is a bunch of cat lovers who write about their cats once a week, on Tuesdays.  Go here for more cat tales:
I thought I would start with WHY I love cats so much.  It's my mother's fault, as I have readily told her, to her chuckling reply.  When I was 12, my 9 year-old poodle died.  She said no more dogs because they were too confining.  My grandmother's barn cat was getting ready to have kittens, and Mother said I could have the pick of the litter.  Here she is:

So, I got Priscilla Mae (PRISSY) when I was 12; I had to put her to sleep when I was 31 due to cancer.  Since I got a couple of new cats the last few months of her life (the ex's cats she didn't like), she went to live with my parents.  Dad gave up his recliner for her.  That was "her spot."  She was my first great cat love.  Then, when Prissy was about 4, this one came to us:

This is my sister-in-law's rendention of Fluffy Marie.  She gave it to me the Christmas after Fluffy died.  I cried like a baby.  When Prissy was 4, Fluffy was a baby stray whose mother brought her over our fence and put under Dad's boat.  When Mother saw her fluffy self, she said we had to keep her.  She lived peacefully with Prissy for 12 years.  She is the only cat who ever LOVED a bath and a blowdry styling.  When she was 12, I came home to find her ill under my bed.  Upon taking her an hour away to the emergency vet clinic, I learned she was paralyzed from the midback down.  Either a bloodclot or a jump had injured her.  I was devastated.  She and Prissy are buried in my parents' backyard, and Dad made headstones for them from concrete.  Can you tell I am Daddy's girl???

Ok...On to more pleasant pictures:  My Lovey:

Lovey had been wheezing this weekend, so I took him to the vet after work today.  He believes he has allergies.  Lovey got a Prednazone (spelling?) shot and has a follow-up in two weeks.  He is 1 year, and 4 months old. This was his old vet I took him to, so he had his records.