Sunday, October 18, 2009

Meal Plan for the Week

We are eating from the pantry/freezer this week to try to clear some things out.  Here is what I have planned:
  • Monday:  Baked spaghetti leftovers from the freezer
  • Tuesday:  Leftover chicken chili from the fridge
  • Wednesday:  Panko encrusted chicken tenders, rice, veggie
  • Thursday:  My parents are picking Matthew up from my school and since he has no school Friday, they are taking him for the weekend.  I have parent conferences from 4pm-8pm (Yes, 8pm!).  I will probably take some leftovers.
  • Friday:  I'm here solo, so a Bocca burger from the freezer sounds good to me.
I am posting this on my blog because that is how I will follow it.  When I write it down, I tend to lose the paper.