Monday, December 7, 2009

Cats on Tuesday

Cats on Tuesday are cat lovers who write about their cats on Tuesdays.  Go here for more cat stories:

Below:  Miles:  "Ok, do NOT put a bow on my head, Mother!  That's not manly."

Here is Thumper.  He has been venturing out more this week and here he has pulled the covers back on *my* bed.  I think he has a new sleeping preference when I"m not home.

Yes, here is Thumper again.  He's the same color as Minnie.

Lovey wanted to help put away the Christmas decoration box.

I just LOVE Thumper's polydactyl feet, so here's another shot of them.

Momma's sweet boy--

Here's Humpty Dumpty below.

Thumper likes to be behind my pillows.

Here Thumper and Humpty Dumpty are chillin' on Mom's bed. prove I DO have 2 black and white cats:  Thumper and Minnie