Monday, December 21, 2009

Cats on Tuesday

On Tuesdays, cat lovers unite over at to write about their feline babies.

"Mother, at least you picked a boy cat who was me!"


Notice those thumbs.  I love 'em so much, I had to show another picture of them.

Snowflake climbs too high for me.  I just hope she can always land safely.

She normally jumps from there to the refrigerator, and then down onto the island.

Blood brothers:  Thumper and Humpty Dumpty:  Aren't they sweet??

They love each other and Momma's bed.  Look how long Thumper's arms are!

What I call, "Peaceful Co-existence":  Notice Miles to the left and Humpty and Thumper at the foot.

Another view of 3 of my 4 boys

I think Thumper's arm on Humpty's is so sweet.