Monday, December 28, 2009

Cats on Tuesday

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As you look through these pictures, you are going to think that all my cats do is sleep.  Well, that's true, but here is Snowflake, wondering what this machine is doing.

"Momma, I love this warm machine, but what is that I hear?"

"Oh, Momma, it is spitting up.  Did it have a hair ball??"

All of my boys get along......except Miles.  He is the oldest at 12 and very jealous.  Here, Lovey, Thumper, and Humpty Dumpty enjoy a nap on *my* side of the bed.

I love that I caught Thumper's yawn.

Here: Lovey wants to go on vacation.  I don't know why since his LIFE is a vacation!

Here Miles and Minnie have stolen the new boys' beds.

Meal Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A back view of Thumper's big feet

This is the second of my two weeks off for Christmas vacation, and I am LOVING being home with the babies.  I have taken several naps in the bed, under the electric blanket, with them on my legs/feet or next to me.