Monday, February 8, 2010

Cats on Tuesday

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Last week I did not have much time to throw my cat post together.  Someone commented on what a big boy Thumper is.  He was 16.4 pounds at the vet in December.  I will try to get a picture of him shoveling in his food.

Below:  Minnie at another high point

Below:  I woke up one morning to find both Angel the dog and Snowflake in bed with Matthew.  I was very jealous because Snowflake usually sleeps with me.

Below:  We started making Angel the dog sleep in the kennel at night because I can not get up twice with her; I must get my sleep to face 85 7th graders each day!  Here, Lovey is the only cat brave enough to go to jail.

Snowflake above the kitchen sink==
Below:  Miles of all cats has taken Minnie's spot on the cabinet, and she does NOT approve.

Love my blood brothers==
Here, Humpty has taken Minnie's spot.  These cats are learning too much from each other!!!!
Minnie in the corner of my bedroom