Monday, February 15, 2010

Cats on Tuesday

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I feed my six cats twice a day, in the morning and at night.  Now, the food is out all day, so there is usually always something for them to eat.  That's why Thumper is over 16 pounds and Humpty Dumpty is over 13.  I can't stand them not having access to food.  Since there are 6 of them, they eat at different times throughout the day.

Below:  Humpty is wanting to take Minnie's throne, but she is not about to allow THAT.

Poor baby---He will have to wait until she is out of sight!  (Scroll down to see if he won!)

Below:  Saturday night I had salmon.  These pictures are so cute because the cat on the LEFT NEVER CHANGES:  Minnie!!   Here, Lovey begs with her.

Oh, where did Lovey go?  Now it's Miles up to bat.

Oh, he must have given up.  Here's Snowflake!!
I posted pics awhile back with Humpty in Matthew's sink.  Here he is again.

Who is hiding behind the curtain?????

It's LOVEY!!!
Miles is the only cat who sleeps curled up this tightly.
Humpty got the throne when the Queen was down!
*And Minnie does NOT look happy to be dethroned!