Sunday, June 13, 2010

Free Mary Kay Cosmetics

One area where I splurge is in cosmetics, NOT clothes.  I love Mary Kay cosmetics, especially the skin care products.  Friday afternoon I got an e-vite to a MK event on Saturday; I could not make it.  Last night my consultant called me with the news that she had put my name in as mystery hostess, and I WON!  I could not believe it.  What you see is about $150 in products (including MK sunglasses) in a beach bag with a South Carolina beach towel (a huge one at that).  There were some things I would not use, so she let me swap out equal product.  I have won things in the past, but nothing like this.  I have the chance to try products I wanted to try that I would never otherwise have tried.

I consider this a blessing.