Sunday, June 20, 2010

Signs of a Decaying Society

Key points from today's sermon really got me thinking:

6 Signs of a Decaying Society:
  1. Marriage loses its sacredness
  2. The traditional marriage ceremony is diminished as couples today often don't even know what the words mean
  3. Feminist Movement led to a decline in the birthrate
  4. There is an increase in disrespect for authority and parents
  5. Increase in juvenile delinquency
  6. Increase acceptance of homosexuality as the norm and immoral sex in general
As a public school teacher of 22 years, I can say I am in the trenches and see how much of this has impacted teenagers daily.  I teach 7th grade and have seen two pregnant 8th graders this year.  They are not ashamed but rather proud.  Our government makes it entirely too easy for these girls to procreate like rabbits.  I've seen many in my career, but what took the cake was two years ago I had a pregnant 6th grader.  They are pretty much imitating their parents.  Our country is in a mess, and as my pastor said this morning, it has been gradual.  When I started out 23 years ago, it was not this bad.  Lord, help us.